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let our experts ensure your chemical needs are met

implementation & management

The Greenwell operations team will  oversee the implementation, execution and management of the project, including: 


Utilize site – trained local Nigerian

staff to manage the plant’s operations


Supervise and assist in managing the hiring and training of locals for production start-up, quality, maintenance and production efforts



We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations by having the highest quality products.  Our products are the direct result of our quality systems: production systems, management, communication, teamwork, and job performance.

  • NPK 15-15-15
    A complete fertilizer supplying the major plant nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium and secondary nutrients Calcium and Magnesium. NPK is generally termed as “General Purpose” fertilizer and used in vegetables, etc.
  • NPK 12-12-17+2MgO
    Complete fertilizer with Magnesium especially formulated for oil palms. Can be used on other crops.
  • NPK 20-10-10
    Can be used for rice, wheat, maize with well-balanced Nitrogen, Potassium and Potash content that promotes formation of production panicles. It enhances grain filling thus increasing yield. Can be used on other crops such as cassava.
  • Custom Blended Fertilizers
    Greenwell Technologies offers custom blended specialty fertilizers made to customers specifications.
  • Chlorine Gas
    Chlorine is produced from salt and water along with the use of large amounts of electrical energy. The manufacturing process involves electrolysis of an acidified chloride solution in a specially – designed electrochemical cell. Chlorine is widely used for water purification (such as water treatment plants), in disinfectants, and in bleach. It is extensively used in the production of paper products, dyestuffs, textiles, petroleum products, antiseptics, insecticides, solvents, paints, plastics, and many other consumer products.
  • Aluminum Sulfate Solid
    Aluminum sulfate (Alum) is produced by reacting aluminum trihydrate and sulfuric acid in a specially – designed reactor under controlled conditions. The main uses are in water and effluent treatment, and in paper making. In addition to the major applications, aluminum sulfate can be used in a variety of industrial processes including tanning, dyeing, fire extinguisher materials, and pharmaceuticals and electroplating.
  • Caustic Soda Beads (Sodium Hydroxide Soda Beads)
    Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is produced (along with chlorine and hydrogen) via the chlor-akali process. This involves the electrolysis of an aqueous solution of sodium chlorides. Sodium hydroxide is traditionally used in soap making. It is used in paper making and other industrial applications.
  • Caustic Soda Pearl (Food Grade)
    Greenwell uses this traditionally in water treatment and in production of animal feeds.
  • Greenwell Sulfuric Acid
    Sulfuric Acid is the most widely used industrial chemical in the World. Greenwell Technologies uses this product internally to manufacture a number of goods for the water and wastewater industries.
  • Hydrated Lime
    Greenwell Technologies manufactures a wide variety of high performance and cost effective calcium products that are widely used in chemical, industrial and environmental applications.
  • Our Safe Water Tool
    Unsafe drinking water has created the water crisis in Nigeria, and we are working hard to do our part to help quell this dilemma.
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